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Tips for fuel Compatible With Android Version

Tips for fuel Compatible With Android Version - There are several factors android android version is not compatible with our current fuel installed. Application of this fuel can not be downloaded or can be downloaded but can not be executed when the device is already using the Android OS v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as the minimum specifications for the fuel to run the application.

There are several factors that make your Smartphone is not compatible with this application even though the requirements are meet. To determine whether your device is compatible or not, here are some information for you.

Tips for fuel Compatible With Android: 

1. Download and Install Fuel 

To download this application easy enough, enough fuel you visit the official web through your smartphone then you will automatically get a direct link to Google Play Store for Android or Apple App Store for iOS. 

How to download the same as the other apps we download, you just touch the install button then the application will automatically download. With the installation file is only about 13 MB, the download time would not be felt long. 

If you find it difficult to download it through the phone, you can connect your phone to your PC using a data cable. Then go into your PC browser, try to access Google Play Store and choose from the original BBM Blackberry Limited and not of the other party. If the phone and the PC is already connected properly, then there will be a confirmation of your screen to be able to install or even may notice that your phone is not compatible. 

2.Cek version of android on your Smartphone. 

Before entering into the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store for downloading, first check your version of Android and iOS. Because cross-platform BBM is only created to run on OS based on Android v4.0 minimum (Ice Cream Sandwich or Jellybean) or IOS version 6 and above for you iPhone users. 

3.Register To BBM

It is often not realized by the current smartphone users to download BBM for Android and iOS is that you have not registered on the official website BBM.com. You need to know, who can use this application only people - people who have registered in advance e-mail at BBM.com or have been using BBM. 

When BBM For Android and iOS first opened once installed, the application will display a confirmation page e-mail to the e-mails that have been registered. If you have entered an e-mail that you have registered before, you can sign in directly. As for who has not signed up and was about to enter an e-mail, you will switch to another page that contains a notice that you have to wait their turn before they can use this application. 

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